Introducing Sustainable Fashion Brand: Organic Basics

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen I’ve recently been wearing some of Organic Basics stuff.

Sustainable fashion has been in the spotlight recently – and for good reason. People are starting to uncover the true facts of the fast fashion industry, and are realising just how detrimental it is to the environment.

Enter Organic Basics – they’re a sustainable fashion brand specialising in underwear, activewear and basics: vests, t-shirts, leggings etc. Their focus is on creating products that will last – from ethically sourced materials in responsible factories – but more on that below.

I'm tasking a mirror selfie wearing the Organic Basics burgundy sports bra and briefs.

What exactly is sustainable fashion?

In my eyes, sustainable fashion is everything the fast fashion industry isn’t. Fast fashion is about producing as much as possible for as cheap as possible. The fast fashion industry sees 85% of clothes end up in landfill, and it would take a whopping 12 years to recycle what the fast fashion industry creates in 48 hours [Source].

But the word ‘sustainable’ seems to be a bit lost at the moment, amid the thousands of other climate-change initiatives going on. The definition of the word ‘sustainable is:

able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.

Therefore, sustainable fashion is as such not progressing or being produced too quickly, so that we are unable to deal with the after affects of it. It’s about creating clothes that you’ll wear over and over again, about buying secondhand if possible, about using ethically-sourced fabrics and about fairly paying workers – traits which are commonly overlooked in the fast fashion industry.

It’s about… an environmental philosophy

One look at the Organic Basics website and you can clearly see they’re on a mission to help tackle climate change. They offset all of their own carbon emissions, plus a whole heap more than what they actually produce – because it’s important to them. More on that here.

Their packaging is plastic-free and recyclable, and they don’t use any harmful chemicals in the manufacturing of their products. They only partner with factories which also have a focus on reducing their carbon footprint, and they run a low-impact project, which works with people to encourage them to think about and act upon their own habits in tackling climate change.

It’s about… Buying less often and wearing items more

Organic Basics are huge advocates of buying less items and wearing those items often – completely the opposite to everything the Fast Fashion Industry is about. They also encourage items to be worn more often before washes – therefore saving water – but how can this work for an activewear brand?

Well, they use Polygiene®, a safe, bluesign® approved permanent fabric treatment made from recycled silver salt. It stays on the fabric through every wash, and prevents the growth of odour-causing bacteria.

It’s about… Ethically-sourced materials

The materials used to create Organic Basics’ products are ethically sourced.

Their Organic Cotton range is created using GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic cotton, which means it’s grown without harmful insecticides and pesticides and guarantees that workers are paid a living wage.

Their TENCEL range is created using eucalyptus trees, which use 80% less water in comparison to cotton plants. The trees are thinned out rather than cut down, and then the wood is turned into a pulp, which is dissolved with an organic solvent and forced through tiny holes to create a biodegradable fibre.

They also have a recycled nylon range, which is made from textile waste that would otherwise go to landfill – which means it uses 80% less water to make, and emits 90% fewer CO2 emissions. It’s GRS certified and is stronger and more durable than the highest standard conventional nylon.

It’s about… Social responsibility

Organic Basics only work with trusted, certified factories whose premises are free from child- and forced-labour and are a safe place to work in. Workers are paid a living wage and offered perks like free lunches and childcare. They are completely transparent about which factories they work with – more info here.

The brand also collaborates with Danish podcast ‘Fries Before Guys’ to create slogan t-shirts and tote bags. Every purchase supports Sexelancen – a non-profit dedicated to providing a safe space for supporting sex workers in Copenhagen.

My thoughts on Organic Basics

I truly believe Organic Basics is talking the talk and walking the walk. It’s rated ‘great’ on the Good on You app (an app which rates companies based on their sustainability by looking at their impact on the environment, labour and animals).

Materials are soft and comfortable and you are can tell they are great quality too. I’m confident these are items that will last a long time, and, along with their philosophy, I find I don’t need to wash my top/ bra as often as other brands’ items.

Organic Basics is generally a tad more expensive than fast-fashion brands, but that’s because you’re paying for quality fabrics that will last, you’re paying workers a fair wage, and you’re buying materials that have been ethically sourced. They aren’t expensive – they’re very reasonably priced considering the care that they stand for. Plus, they do packs, so you can save if you buy certain items together, or multipacks.

My reviews on Organic Basics items

I’ve tried and tested the SilverTech Active Sports Bra in the gym, which is great for weightlifting and low-impact cardio such as walking or the stairmaster. It fits true-to-size and is as comfortable as ever.

The SilverTech Active Hipster Briefs are just as comfortable as the bra, and again fits true to size. They’re great for everyday wear but I wear them mostly to lounge around in (I have a major fear of VPL so rarely wear proper briefs out!)

The Invisible Tank Top (I got it in black) was meant to be something I would wear to the gym, but the fabric is just so lovely I wear it out with a pair of jeans and lots of jewellery instead. It’s soft, comfortable and completely seamless. And I just love that it’s made from 82% recycled nylon!

The Cheeky Thong is seamless apart from one seam at the back which means you can wear it under your favourite bodycon skirts. Again, fits true to size and is so comfortable.

The regular Socks and No Show Socks are both comfortable as ever and are made from the softest organic cotton. Both fit true to size.

Have you heard of Organic Basics? Can I tempt you to try them for your next sustainable fashion purchase?

Get 10% off until 20 October 2019 with the code SPINOBC2 through this link!

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Dislaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on them and purchase something from the linked site, I’ll earn a tiny (and I mean tiny!) commission at no extra cost to you, which contributes to running this blog. This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

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    Travel Addicted Unicorn

    No I haven’t hear of them before!! They seem like a good company! Fast fashion is horrible to the planet 😦


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