8 Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas for her

When someone is moving toward a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle it becomes a lot more difficult to choose a gift at Christmas which she will truly treasure. The first step is making a conscious choice to give her something that you know she will use and love, rather than something that will simply fill her stocking. But how can you buy her something eco-friendly without it becoming boring? Hopefully my Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas will help you choose the perfect present for her this festive season!

1. A Zero-Waste Planner

I received one of these this Christmas and I’m so excited to use it! You can track habits you want to change and record recipes and when you’ve planted your vegetable patch. This is a great tool for anyone looking to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Buy yours here.

2. Cruelty-free makeup

‘Cruelty-free’ means products that have not been tested on animals – they are usually branded with the ‘leaping bunny’ icon on the back. Many beauty brands are moving towards a cruelty-free products, but many of the ‘Big Names’ (L’oréal, Rimmel, etc) still test their products on animals.

Some of my favourite make up brands include Natural Collection, No7, LUSH and the Body Shop. At the Body Shop, you can even choose refillable options, where she can take her lipstick container back to the store to be refilled with another product and used time and time again!

3. Jewellery

Why not treat her to something special that she will treasure forever? I always think jewellery is much more precious than any other fashion item, but the trick here is to choose something that will stand the test of time; something classy that won’t date. I personally love Daisy London’s Collection – their items are simply beautiful. Shop their Jewellery Gifts here.

4. Reusables

If she’s making the switch to a more sustainable lifestyle, choose to buy her a present she’ll use everyday. This could be anything from a reusable water bottle (I personally prefer the metal canteens like Chilly bottles), or a reusable travel mug or Keep Cup, to something for the bathroom like reusable makeup remover pads, a shampoo and conditioner bar or a bamboo toothbrush. For the kitchen, try some beeswax wraps – or vegan ones if she is avoiding all animal products. What about a subscription to Who Gives a Crap loo roll or an Eco Egg Laundry Egg? They might not be the most exciting presents, but they’re definitely going to be used often, so you know they’ll be the most sustainable.

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5. Recycled clothing

So many brands are releasing their own eco-friendly range of clothing, but it’s important to remember that these ranges are still contributing to the Fast Fashion industry as a whole. There’s a lot more to a garment than the type of material used to create it, such as how well it will last in the wash, and exactly who made the item and whether they were paid and treated fairly.

I personally love secondhand finds; you can find so many amazing products online on places like Facebook Marketplace, Depop, eBay and Vinted. Often, secondhand items will be next to new, in near-perfect condition. I personally love the items on the Vestiare website – definitely a must if she loves designer but has a sustainable mindset! For activewear, try Tala and for basics try Organic Basics – I wrote a whole post about this brand here!

6. A Recycled Notebook

On the topic of stationery, girls (normally) love notebooks – whether they start a new diary at the start of the year, or just note things down at work. Most of us aren’t fully digital yet, so a recycled notebook makes a lovely gift. I love the ones on etsy!

7. Books

I don’t believe there’s ever such a thing as too many books, and the wonderful thing is you can pick up great books at tiny prices secondhand. If you want to buy her a book focused on sustainability, try Turning the Tide on Plastic by Lucy Seigle, Sustainable Home by Christine Liu, or what about a Bosh! Vegan Cookbook!

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8. Experiences

Gift an experience to your loved one such as choosing an activity to spend a day out together. GetYourGuide have great tours and activities available in every city, from winetasting or canoeing!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely festive season!

Abbi X

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on them and purchase something from the linked site, I’ll earn a tiny (and I mean tiny!) commission at no extra cost to you, which contributes to running this blog. An item from Daisy London was gifted to me in exchange for including their brand in this post.

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