Nutribuddy Review: Eco-friendly, Convenient, Vegan Shakes

When Nutribuddy reached out to me to work together, I was a little skeptical. I have tried a number of vegan meal powders and have struggled to find one that tastes nice, is nutritional, and has a pleasant texture. Many shakes seem to be a bit chalky or bitty in texture, meaning they aren’t very pleasant to drink! However, I was pleased to find that Nutribuddy ticks all of these boxes – and more!

I hadn’t heard of Nutribuddy before they reached out to me to work together, and, as always when I decide to partner with a new brand, I did lots of research before agreeing to a collaboration. This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own, and I only share product reviews on this blog of companies I truly like and would purchase from of my own accord.

About Nutribuddy

Nutribuddy was founded by Ella, who was fed up seeing companies marketing ‘healthy’ products that actually added many artificial ingredients in their recipes, and who said they cared about the environment while providing single-use plastic packaging. She had struggled to find a nutritious, convenient breakfast alternative whilst at university, and decided to finish her studies early in order to build her business. Nutribuddy is a UK-based company which promises environmentally friendly, vegan products, made with the finest quality, genuinely healthy ingredients, that will make customers happy.

Product list:

I was sent the below items in my pack, to test out before writing this post:

Nutribuddy breakfast shake
Nutribuddy breakfast shake

Vegan nutrition

I’ve been vegan now for around 4.5 years, and let me tell you, it is so SO good to see vegan products becoming more accessible! I love scouting out vegan options when I travel and enjoy convenience at home. ALL of Nutribuddy’s products are vegan, so there’s no worry about accidentally being sent a version that you can’t drink. Nutribuddy is a great option if you are trying to eat vegan more often but don’t know where to start, as you can simply replace one meal a day with a shake.

Nutribuddy is packed full of nutritious ingredients. What makes Nutribuddy different to competitors is the fact that ingredients are actual REAL foods which have been minimally processed, and there’s no artificial vitamins or chemicals either. Infact, Nutribuddy works with a certified nutritionist to guarantee a delicious blend full of good stuff. All Nutribuddy products are suitable for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and there’s no palm oil in any of their recipes.

Lots of people choose Nutribuddy for weight-loss. Personally I am not a fan of diet culture, but if this is what you’re looking for in a product then there’s lots of testimonials on the Nutribuddy website.


The Eco-PlantMilk is a powdered milk that you simply mix with water. Since it is a powder, its shelf life is much longer than regular milks. You can then use this milk to accompany your Nutribuddy shake. It’s made of locally sourced oats, which have a low carbon footprint in comparison to other plant-based alternatives such as almonds and soy beans. Read more about Eco-PlantMilk here.

Breakfast Shake

I’ve been drinking the breakfast shake for the last week. It’s really simple – you just add three scoopers of the shake to 300ml plant-based milk (the Eco-PlantMilk works well with it!). Then just shake and you’re ready to go. I’ve been surprised by just how filling the shake is – normally I want to snack again mid-morning, but this keeps me going until lunchtime! Flavour options include vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, and you can choose a smooth (made with matcha green tea) or crunchy (made with flax seeds and coconut flakes). I went for the Vanilla Crunchy favour. See the full range here.


Nutribuddy was designed for busy people. It’s nutritious whilst being convenient. It takes approximately 30 seconds to make a shake; from scooping the powder into the bottle, adding the milk, and shaking the bottle up! You can use the letters on the side of the bottle to guide you on measuring out your milk: fill to either the R or the T depending on how creamy you want your shake to be.

This is therefore a perfect product for someone who is always on the go. If you commute, you can drink your Nutribuddy while you’re walking, driving or on public transport – just like you would a coffee.

For me, my morning routine is a little tight since I now work from home most of the time. I get back from the gym at around 8am, with meetings starting from 9am. Because of these tight timescales, I found I was having to scoff down my breakfast while putting on my make-up before video-calls started. With Nutribuddy, I don’t need to worry about that; I can drink my shake while in my first meeting!

Nutribuddy shakes are quick and easy
You can even use the wording on the bottle as a measurement of where to fill your shake to!


I am impressed by Nutribuddy’s move to encouraging less single-use materials, and I love that the concept discourages food waste. I do see some opportunities to provide an even more eco-friendly product though!

Scoopers – Nutribuddy scoopers are made of metal, which is very unlike many big names in shakes on the market. Normally these are made of plastic which is difficult or even impossible to recycle, and they’re automatically included inside the powder’s packaging, so you end up with loads of them! Nutribuddy sell their stainless steel scoopers separately, mean you’ll only ever purchase (and need) one of them.

Packaging – Nutribuddy products arrive in a cardboard box. There is some plastic packaging, for instance to package the scooper, which, according to the Nutribuddy website is compostable, but I must admit this isn’t clear from the actual packaging. Since some of the products are glass, other packaging needs to be robust to protect the products while they are in transit. The ‘airjacket’ can be deflated and recycled in your household recycling bin. Unfortunately the foil bags are not recyclable as a more eco-friendly solution has not yet been found. There’s also a paper guide, which I would love to see printed on recycled paper or just a QR code to take you to this online.

Less food waste – I did a bit of a self-assessment recently and realised that although I have gotten into some brilliant eco-friendly habits, an area I really struggle with is food-waste! With Nutribuddy, the portion sizes are clearly detailed on the back of the foil pouch, and the products last a really long time once opened so no doubt you will have drank it all before it passes its ‘use by’ date!

Nutribuddy glass jar to store your powder in
Nutribuddy recyclable plastic packaging

Customer satisfaction

The final brilliant thing about Nutribuddy is how much they care about customers. They have hundreds of five star reviews on Trustpilot, and all purchases are covered by their by Happiness Guarantee – if you aren’t 100% satisfied, you can send unopened products back within 31 days for a full refund, and you can return any used products for a replacement (e.g. a different flavour) or a refund in Nutribuddy points.

There’s also the option to earn Nutribuddy points through purchases on the website. These points can be used towards future orders. If you spend £10, you earn 1 point, which is equivalent to £1.

Additionally, there’s currently a 50% discount for frontline workers across the website!

My overall opinion of Nutribuddy

I’m really impressed with Nutribuddy. I love the look and feel of the website, including how easy it is to navigate and find the information you need. I am very happy with the products I was gifted. I enjoyed the taste, texture and the fact the Breakfast shake kept me full till lunchtime! I will happily purchase these again.

I’m particularly pleased to see a focus on sustainability, in removing plastic scoopers from their powders and instead offering a stainless steel option instead. I like that Nutribuddy offer glass jars for storage and that most of their packaging is recyclable. I would like to see a move toward compostable materials in the future, or perhaps an option whereby packaging is collected and reused, which could easily work for those with subscriptions.

All in all, I’m impressed with Nutribuddy and I would recommend them if you’re looking for a convenient vegan product!

Thanks for reading

Abbi X

This post may contain affiliate links which contribute to running this site. This is a sponsored post but all opinions are, as always, my own.

Nutribuddy breakfast shake with glass jar

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